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Innovative Solutions For Our Customer Projects

Our 55 years of experience has allowed us to amass a significant stock tool library. This is a big plus as it allows us to offer alternatives for your unit dose solutions. In addition our combined global team with extensive experience in unit dose packaging, provides you with the ability to consult with some of the best in the industry.

Highest Quality For Our Customer’s Products

Our team is very focused on the quality of our products. Functionality, presentation, ease of opening, product experience, are just some of the ingredients that are considered during the development of your unit dose package.

Best Service With An Optimized Time Table

Our pre-qualified supply chain, allows us to insure timely delivery to meet your launch dates. Our fully trained in-house support staff is well versed in insuring that each step of the process is followed. Have something you need in a hurry? We can propose a solution.

Innovation Is Our DNA

Innovation at Klocke is defined as a new idea, new approach or method. We also view it as the application of improved solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Our Processes Are Your Edge

Our processes, which are continuously evolving, insure your product is handled right. Our processes for handling your bulk, have allowed us to develop a unique expertise in dosing all types of products.

ROI In A Rush: A Boutique type brand of color cosmetics

“We weren’t sure about the impact of a deluxe lipstick sampler, but experiencing a 39% increase in sales far surpassed our expectations.”

"Klocke’s approach and handling of our project from start to finish must be commended. They provided the total solution, and with their innovative technology, provided our potential client with an interactive experience in using our product."

- A Prestige Skincare Brand

"I knew right away, when I stepped out onto the Klocke of America Manufacturing floor, that there was no staging of any kind. I could tell right away that their people take pride in what they do."

- A recent Auditor visiting Klocke